Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Daily WiLL - April 1, 2014

I am not a big fan of April Fools' Day.  I rarely take part in pranks on others, I just don't find that funny.  About the only thing I do like about AFD is the fake products that ThinkGeek posts, some of which were so funny and cool that they've actually become real products (the Tautaun sleeping bag comes to mind).

So if you haven't checked out their fake stuff today, do so now and come back.

Here's one more kind of cool April Fool's item - A Governator figure from Sideshow.  The sad thing is this figure really wouldn't be that difficult to make.

Did you look?  Good.  I think the Flux Capacitor car charger is a great idea.  Speaking of which, did you know the Flux Capacitor was 'inspired' by the Oscillation Overthruster from Buckaroo Banzai?

I went to a beginning Stand Up comedy class last night and signed up for five more.  I already wrote a joke:

  So they tell you to find your comedic voice that you really just have to listen to those voices in your head, your inner monologue that is your conscience and your worst enemy, telling you that you suck, that you're not good enough, etc.  You're supposed to unleash that voice and let it flow.  I don't know about that, I think if I let that guy out I'm going to get punched.

The Angels lost their Opening Day game 10 - 3.  Poor Don Baylor broke his ankle trying to catch the ceremonial first pitch, looked awful.  I've seen a lot of sports injuries over the years, it's unavoidable I think.  This was pretty bad, but not Kevin Ware bad.  Still pretty bad.  You know, I couldn't think of the guy who's leg broke last season so I had to google it, and my, if you really want to get grossed out, google "Worst sports injuries" - there so many bad ones.  There's a poor soccer player whose leg just goes the absolute wrong way.

If one had to have a 'favorite' injury in sports it would be the one above when LT broke Joe Theismann's leg.  As I was reminded recently one should never wish injuries on others, but Theismann was one of my least favorite players ever and I can't stand him as an announcer.  But once again, injuries in sports are not something to ever be celebrated.

So I hope Mr. Baylor heals quickly.  Maybe the worst part was that he was catching the ceremonial pitch from one Mr. Vladimir Guerrero who was retiring from baseball after signing a one-day contract with the Halos.  Not the best way to celebrate either former Halo, since Baylor was an off-season addition, his first time back with the club since he last played for them in 1982.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery "Groove."

I was thinking about the title of this blog, and how I should be using this platform for something cathartic, and so in that vein, with the idea of giving up bad behavior and thoughts, each day I will be leaving something behind as if I were writing my Last Will and Testament.

Today's Daily WiLL - Being of occasionally sound mind and fat body, I leave behind my Anger to the young men and women of the upcoming generation.  Get angry about injustice.  Get angry about poverty.  Get angry about the inequities of the world.

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