Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Daily WiLL - April 2, 2014

Betcha thought I forgot!  I almost did.  But then I remembered.  See what I did there?


I don't either.

What's that quote by Whitman?  "Do I contradict myself?"  I like that one.

Yesterday afternoon spent time assisting Mel with the costuming for the Canfield Avenue Elementary School Spring Musical entitled "It Might Be A..."  Kaylee is in it doing several parts.  They have two non-costumed performances at school on Friday (I think it's two) and then a dress-rehersal on Friday afternoon for two shows on Sunday April 6 and one on Monday April 7.  That's the one I'm going to miss.

We'll be rehearsing today and tomorrow afternoon as well.  Should be fun.

Meanwhile the job search continues.  The writing continues apace when I get a few moments here and there.  Spent this morning with Mel - picking up here and there, cooking breakfast, running her errands for her work, detouring to Whimsic Alley, then BAACK home too cook a light lunch (we shared a veggie burger) and to relax for a few before going back to rehearsal.

I never said this blog would be all that interesting.  Interstertials (sp) perhaps.

 Today's Daily WiLL - Being of occasionally sound mind and fat body,I hereby leave my musical taste to my daughter, along with my love of books, film and art.  Given the fact that her current 'wanna be when you grow up' is an artist, seems like my goal of making her rounded in the arts is being accomplished.

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