Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Daily WiLL - April 22, 2014 - Damage

Every so often I realize that there is a theme going through my life.  It may only be for a few moments, or a few days, but there's a definite connector between events and experiences that I have.

My most recent personal theme seems to be damage, specifically damaged people.

Pointe the First:

Last night during my fourth stand-up comedy class the instructor Greg Dean recalled a story of a former student.  The context is that we were doing "act outs" or "scene work". I will paraphrase:

She's a small little thing, with a wispy waif like voice.  The entire class up to that point she'd never raised her voice above the whisper.  People in the back had to ask her to repeat herself.  She's doing an argument between her and her boyfriend, and she starts off 'well Derek that's not what we decided' and he replies FUCK OFF WOMAN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DECIDED ARRRGH (he says this in full rage face).  And she replies something wispy and apologetic.  So we ask her what that argument says about those two people, and with a dead-pan face she says 'they're in love'.  The entire class lost it for five minutes.

So there's the story, and me being my smart-ass self had to ask Greg what happened to that girl, whether she's now killing on the circuit or what-not.  And he said that no, she was way too damaged to do anything really with the class, she went back to doing whatever it is she was doing before.

Or something like that.

They say that stand-up comedy is the best therapy you can give yourself.  I'm starting to think that's 100% accurate.  It's really too bad that young lady who was so damaged couldn't figure out the funny inside her to channel that pain into something really special.


Point Dos:

I just got finished watching the second episode of the final season of Mad Men, which is one of my favorite TV Shows.  Production value wise it doesn't get better than the recreation of the 60's.  It's so clearly rooted in it's time-period that the scenery becomes another character in the proceedings.  The humans depicted in the narrative are all deeply flawed and damaged individuals.  The main character's pathos run so deep that much of his bad behavior can be attributed to a horrendous upbringing, but Don Draper's true damage is that he doesn't know how to act differently because he's gotten away with everything for so long.

Personally I'm glad that I didn't come of age during the 60's.  Sure the freedoms were great, the culture was amazing and the daily news was filled with truly Earth changing events.  But those great rifts between generations wouldn't be healed easily, and Baby Boomers have spent their entire entitled lives on a roller-coaster between affecting positive change and completely selfish boorish behavior.


I have more thoughts.

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