Friday, April 4, 2014

The Daily WiLL - April 4, 2014

Wow, that was a week, that's for sure.  I've found that in the last several months weekdays and weekends don't really have that much meaning for me anymore.  That's about to change, and I will weep for my loss of free-time, but our bank-account will welcome the influx of funds.  I hope anyway.  I haven't gotten a new job yet, but I've had a nibble, and I'm still pumping out resumes.

The final dress rehearsal for "It Could Be...The Musical" went as well as expected I think.  My lovely bride is doing her best to get 90 or so kids in at least one costume each, and wrangling them has proven to be quite the task.

Ms. Kaylee knows her parts, and just needs to pay more attention when she's on stage, but she's going to be awesome.  Can't wait to see her in front of a real audience.  If I get to see the show that is.  Not sure where I'll be for the performances on Sunday.

I have not written much this week, mostly from lack of energy due to the rehearsals.  Those couple of hours really can drain you.  I can only imagine how the directors Jamison and Wendy Reeves are handling it the strain.  I do seem to have no lack of ideas and energy to write however, and doing this blog once a day has been a really good thing for me.  I think I'll keep it up.

The Daily WiLL
Being of definitely unsound mind and nowhere near in the right body I hereby bequeath my gluttony to anyone who really needs it.

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