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ANOTHER SCENE 4 - The Father-To-Be

Another Scene 4
The Father-To-Be

            Kevin and his girlfriend Linda were hanging out at the pot store around the corner; they gave them free wax dabs at least once a day, sometimes more.  The longer they hung out, the more ripped they got.  Every Tuesday was Two-Fer Tuesday, ostensibly you bought one hit at $5 and got a second free, but since neither Kevin nor Linda ever paid for their hits, it was kind of irrelevant.  Two O’clock PM, on the second Tuesday in May, Kevin watched his girlfriend gossip with Jill the bud tender while he calmed down from his first wax hit.
            Another regular came in, a Typical Californian surfer type; he owned the vapor store down the road.
            “Dude, I brought a new patient in.  On his way to the hospital, his girl’s having a baby.” No stress to his voice.  No panic in his demeanor.  Said it just like it was any other ordinary day.  This intrigued Kevin to no end.
            “You’re on your way to the hospital?  You stopped here first?”
            “Yeah, it’s just around the corner.  My man needs it, you know, stress.”
            “I can dig that.  Man I wish I could have gone to the club before my kid was born.”  As Kevin said that the prospective father sauntered into the room.  He started rifling through his money nervously, mixing up his ones and his fives. 
            “Hey man, uh what can I get for, twelve dollars?”  He handed the bud tender the sheaf of bills with his new patient ticket on top. 
            “Hey yeah,” she said, “New patients get hooked up.  Hang on to that, I’ll take care of you.”  She turned to gather his free items; she thought it would be a good idea for him to see what he got for being a new patient before he decided how to spend his cash. 
            “I hear congratulations are in order.” Kevin said to the nervous youth.  “Your first?”
            “Yeah.”  He said.  Kevin knew that look on his face.  His life was about to change and he had no clue about any of it.  Happens to every father the first time around, or so Kevin thought. 
            “Have you slept recently?” 
            “Naw man, I ain’t slept in two-days.  She’s drivin’ me crazy.” 
            “Shit girl, set that man up with a dab, he needs it.  He ain’t going to sleep any time soon.” 
            “I hear that.” He said.
            Jill said “Are you ready?”  She held a small crème brulee torch in her hands.  He nodded.  She ignited the torch and trained its blue flame on an inch diameter metal bowl that was attached to the medium sized glass bong.  The bowl, which was known as a Titanium Nail, started to heat up and turned red hot.  When it was ready she killed the torch and placed the metal dental-tool like implement, upon which she had placed a small dab of the beige colored goo, directly onto the surface of the nail.  The youth put his lips on the mouthpiece and started to suck.  The suction produced a milky-white vapor within the bong that was quickly vacated into the young man’s lungs. 
            He came up coughing like he was taking his first drag off his first cigarette ever. 
            “Blow it out quickly.” His friend said.
            “Yeah, don’t hold it in.” Kevin added.  “You don’t need to, it’ll take effect.”  The father-to-be did exactly as he was told and blew out a plume of grayish-white smoke.  Then he coughed some more.  His buddy grabbed him a small cup of water from the dispenser located conveniently behind him.
            “That’ll get you going.” Said Kevin.
            “Oh wow man” the young brother coughed. 
            “You boys can never take your hits properly.” Linda chimed in.  “Watch this, Jilly, hit me up again.”  Jill proceeded to the routine, cleaning off the mouth-piece with a brand new alcohol wipe, grabbing a larger sized dab of wax on her tool, and reheated the nail.  It didn’t take as long to heat up, as there was already a good amount of residual heat left over.  Linda leaned over and sucked through the entire hit of wax in one go.  She held it for the briefest of moments and blew it out, all without coughing.
            “It’s the boobs man.” Kevin laughed out loud.  “She holds it all in her chest.”
            “She’s right, you guys can’t hold your hits.”  Jill said.  “Nothing wrong with that though, just means you get off more.  Am I right?”
            “You ready to have your baby?”  The surfer said to the youth. 
            “Yeah man, let’s get this show on the road.  I got a daughter I haven’t been introduced to yet.”  They walked out.
            “Man, he was way too calm.”  Kevin said once they had left.
            “Were you that calm?”  Jill asked.  Kevin had a son by ex-wife.
            “Hell no.  I was nervous as hell.  And I certainly didn’t get to go to the club right before the shrew gave birth.  I had to have lunch with my Mother across from the hospital.  They kicked me out of the room right before the epidural.”
            “You wouldn’t have wanted to see that anyway.”  Linda spoke up.  “That needle is really long.  I watched my sister get it done and I almost passed out.”
            “I can’t even imagine giving birth right now.” Jill added.  “I can’t even get my own shit together, let alone having to take care of another person.”
            “It’s not easy, that’s for sure.” Kevin replied.  “Not that I’d know, bitch divorced me a week after the baby was born.”
            “Fuck man, I didn’t know that.” Jill sounded surprised.  She really thought she had these two pegged, but they hadn’t been going to the club for all that long.  They just kept coming in over and over.  Linda nodded at her and filled her in.
            “Yeah, Kevin’s ex is a real ball-buster.  He doesn’t even get to be a dad all that much, and when he does get visitation he has to be supervised.”
            “How did that happen?”
            “Her lawyer went after me for this.”  He motioned to the entire store, waving his hands around.  “Said that I’d be a bad influence if I were allowed to be unsupervised.  She changed so much during her pregnancy.  She was my sweet little lotus flower and then she turned into a radical bitch.”
            “Damn, I better not turn into a bitch.”  Jill said.
            “You won’t.”  Linda held her hand.  “You’re such a sweetie.”
            “Are you guys going to have kids?”   Linda let go of her hand quickly as if to say that was not a good question.
            “We’re talking about it, but we don’t even live together yet.”           
            “Oh, I’m sorry.”  She was taken aback.  “I didn’t know.  You’re always coming in together I just thought…”
            “It’s OK.  We live nearby each other, but we’re just not that ready yet.”  Kevin said trying to break the tension.  “Maybe some day.”  He added opening the door to another awkward conversation later.
            “We’d better go.  What do we owe you?”  Linda said abruptly.  “We’ll catch you later.”  After she paid quickly, she hurried Kevin out of the shop.
            “What the fuck Linda?”   Kevin asked her as they walked back to his car.
            “Sorry, I’m just…you know.  I don’t want to talk about that stuff yet.”
            “I know, I’m sorry too.  I just meant, you know maybe some day.”
            “Kevin I don’t need that kind of pressure.  When I’m ready I’ll be ready and I’ll let you know.  Don’t push it.”
            “I wasn’t pushing anything.  I didn’t even bring it up.  She did.”
            “I know, I’m sorry, I’m just…talking about your ex and your kid, I dunno, it just got really weird all of a sudden.”
            “Honey it’s OK, I’m not pushing, whenever you’re ready.”
            “What if I’m never ready?”  She had started to tear up.
            “Well, we’ll deal with that too.  I guess.”  They stopped talking.  After Kevin drove Linda to her apartment he tried to kiss her goodbye, but she wouldn’t have it.  She waved and blew him a kiss then disappeared into her building.


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