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The Daily WiLL - May 28, 2014 - Of Cats and Kittens

So long as I can remember we've always had a cat in the house.  This has been true of my entire adult existence save for about a year in the early 90's.

The first cat that I can really remember was Monstro, a large gray male who we got when we were living on Texas Street, circa 1975-76?  I'm not 100% sure on the time line.  Monstro didn't live very long, I don't know if he even made it to a year old, he got killed by the neighbor's dog.

The next cat we acquired my father named "Angelfood McSpade."  No I'm not kidding.  The cat's namesake was an R. Crumb character from Zap Comix.  We mostly called her Angel.  She was a great big tabby momma-kitty who would eventually make the trip with us when we moved to San Diego in August of 1980 and we had her for years, well over a decade.

Merlin P. Magician
(Loved that Naugahyde Chair and Ottoman)
My dad and I purchased Merlin P. Magician for my Mother's birthday, I think in 1978, from the pet store that used to be in the Fox Hills Mall.  Merlin was a fairly large black and white male, and we always theorized that he was left in the pet store just a bit too long because Merlin was a big old goofball.  He lived over 20 years!

Pretty sure that's Folly, he was skinnier than Angel.
At the same time that we had Angel and Merlin while we were new to San Diego we got a third cat, called "Noetling's Folly" - or just Folly for the most part, he was supposed to be my cat, but he ended up being my Dad's.  Folly would end up running away for months at a time, but then he'd saunter back like nothing ever happened.

After Angel passed from Feline Leukemia we got another cat, this time a beautiful Calico female that my mom named "Chiksa" because she was a blonde.  Chiksa was a great cat, who ended up being mine.  She got run over in her teens.

Chiksa was followed by Tippy and Galahad, two boys that we got as kittens.   I kept Galahad, a little black short haired when my Mom and Dennis left San Diego in 1990, but he ran away soon after I moved to La Mesa.  I honestly don't remember what happened to Tippy.
Chiksa hiding in my stuff.  I still have Indiana Jones
Merlin and Chiksa were always together.

My Commodore 64 Box was a favorite place of hers.

I know I have more pics of the two of them,
but right now this is the only one I can find.
After I moved out and Gally ran away I didn't have a cat for the first time in my entire life.  I remained pet-less until I moved to Linda Vista in May of 1991, and soon inherited two himalayan flame points who were born in my dresser drawer.  My roommate's cat was the mom, and he didn't take care of her, so she died right after the kittens were weaned.  Sad thing.

That's my Charlotte
Simone Evrard and Charlotte Corday were my babies from the very beginning, and I have never had kitties more devoted or loyal.  They came with me to Los Angeles in 1998.  Simone would go sometime in the early 00's, '02 I think.  Charlotte was around until after we got married and pregnant.  She passed in April of 2006 while we were on vacation.

In case you were wondering, I got their names from the play by Peter Shaffer - "Marat/Sade".  Charlotte Corday and Simone Evrard were notorious assassins during the French Revolution.  Corday murdered Jean-Paul Marat (as in the famous painting by David) and Evrard killed Robiespierre.

The only thing I would have changed about those two were their hair, they were both long-hairs and man did they shed.  In the picture below you can see one of those weird lint brushes, I had to keep these around to sweep up their hair constantly.

December 2003 we had been married just a couple of months, and Simone had been gone over a year.  Charlotte was getting old and lonely, and Mel wanted a cat of her own, so we went to the shelter and picked out Miss Isabel Scarlett.  Izzy and Charlotte didn't get along at first, but they mellowed to each other to the point where they could be in the same room together.

Izzy loves having her belly scratched.

We've been a one-cat family for Kaylee's entire life so far.  Charlotte died a few months before she was born in 2006, and for 7 and a half years we've had just the one kitty.  Well, that ended last weekend, when we welcomed Oliva (no middle name yet) into our family.  She's a grey tabby who is just about 7 and a half weeks old right now.  She's adorkable.  

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  1. Oh my....such a cat tale indeed. Love the grey kitten. We are cat fur free for the first time ever just now. Our allergies love this.

    Cook books. Look in Alibris or ABE Books. Make sure you put the date on. On ABE books, they start at about $59.00 bucks. Astounded me indeed. If I see one at the store, it will be three to five dollars. Don't have one yet, but anything can happen.