Monday, May 5, 2014

The Daily WiLL - Monday Cinco De Mayo, MMXIV

Not a great weekend to be 100% honest.

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day - so I dragged the wife and child to three different comic stores in the city of Angels, (Cool Cat Comics, Dream World and Pulp Fiction) and obtained a HUGE stack of freebies for both me and Kaylee.  She loves free comics, and the two of us had a great time.  My wife, not-so-much.  The crowds annoyed her to no end, and let's face it, these stores are pretty small, so you're packed in like sardines.  Also, something about "FREE" gets people into a place where they lose the most basest of decency and become greedy bastards.

Not only did I drag them to comic stores, but I made them go to Toys R Us for a free Lego Mini-Model build.  Kaylee got a really cute X-Wing fighter for free, but again, the crowd and the lack of common courtesy really blew chunks.  Fortunately Mel didn't experience that mess, she bought a fan from the Rite-Aid next door.

After running around all morning we shipped our kid off with some friends for a concert they asked her to go to - Trumpet of the Swan at the Annenberg Performance Center, which apparently is their first major production!  Meanwhile we trekked down to Marina Del Rey to meet up with a friend of Melissa's that she hadn't seen since before she moved to LA in 2000!  I'd say it was a comedy of errors, but matter-of-fact it wasn't much fun.  We got to see Meg for about five minutes before we had to get back to get Kaylee and ship her off to Grandma's for the night.  See we were supposed to spend the evening with Meg and her friends.  However, then Meg was gifted with tickets to Book of Mormon which was cool, she was supposed to come by our place, after, meet up and then we were all supposed to go to a party.

Except that last part didn't happen.  We waited around all night and she never showed.  It really kind of sucked.  Especially for Melissa, who didn't let it show then.  At least the Kings won their playoff game against the hated Ducks, and it was dramatic (overtime!).

So yesterday we picked up the house, went to the Girl Scouts Bowling Fund-Raiser at Bay Shore Lanes in Santa Monica, had Pizza and relaxed.  But my wife was in a bad place all day, and there wasn't anything to do but give her space and let her work it out for herself.  Which she has done, and today we're back to "work".

I'm working on my Dad's manuscript; I'm finished with the first chapter (five pages of text).  I think I can actually re-type it faster than I can fix the scanned copy.  Either way though, it's a difficult task.  Not daunting mind you, it's only a 160 page manuscript, and I'm 5 pages in having only done about two hours worth of real work, and a majority of that was the scanning itself.  No it's the material and the feelings that it brings up within me.

That said, I was doing a bit of research on the subject of LZ Sally and found a really cool web-archive, which I've contacted to see if anyone remembers my Dad.  I hope so.

I decided that I'm not going to my last Standup Class tonight, because of the playoffs, but I'll make it up in June (on the 16th I think).  Kind of searching for a theme for my next short-story.  I'm really enjoying  writing these short fictions. Maybe I'll even pull out my manuscript for my first novel Three Fools In Search of Utopia and work on adapting the best of that material into short fictions.

SOmething about a future and oyster?  Yes please.

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