Monday, May 12, 2014

The Daily WiLL - Monday, May 12, 2014

Tomorrow is what would have been my Uncle Daniel's 62nd birthday.
On Sunday the 18th my Father would have been 67.

Just saying.  May sucks for remembering birthdays.

Happier news - I have finished the draft of part one of my Science Fiction book and begun part two.  Initially I was going to write three books in the same series, however I believe that may have been a more ambitious plan than I was able to execute.  So like Mr. Lucas did, I am combining my three part series into one narrative.  With plenty of room for sequels.

Book One is approximately 18,000 words or so.  In my rewrite I'll add a bunch more I hope.  I'm shooting for about 50,000 words all together, though instead of three parts, it'll probably only be two.

More Happy News - I have completed four short-stories in my ANOTHER SCENE series, and have started two more.  I have also decided on a structure for the series and where it's ultimately going.  So between those two project I have a decent amount of writing upcoming.

And if that wasn't enough (and I know I'm not supposed to begin a sentence, let alone a paragraph with 'and') I'm a full two chapters finished with transcribing my father's manuscript about Vietnam.  I've made inquiries online regarding LZ Sally during the Summer of 1968, but nothing really has come out yet.

So if I feel like working but not writing I can dig out the script, or if I'm feeling creative I have ample projects to work on.  However, now that I've written for several hours today, it's time for a break and then maybe a game of Hearthstone or two, if I can convince the wife that I've worked enough already today.


  1. Landing Zone Sally?
    Now that you have transcribed two chapters, is it any good?

    You sound like you are going great guns on your own work.

  2. If you put LZ Sally into Google, you will find yourself wading in stuff.

  3. I actually read the entire thing before I decided to transcribe it, it's nowhere near as bad as I had remembered, time has been kind. However, it does not have an ending.

    I need to get into my storage unit and find the correspondence between my Dad and his parents/brother as well as any pictures from the time.