Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Daily WiLL - Sunday May 4, 2014

Happy Star-Wars Day,

"May the Fourth Be With You."

Honestly I always thought it was dumb.  We don't need a Star Wars day.  And if we did, it should be May 25, the date that the original was released to the world in 1977.


I'm feeling very energized about my writing lately, I've been strongly encouraged by some pretty respectable people to get off my ass and write as much as possible.  So I really have been making time to do so.  The two short-stories posted here earlier this week prove that.  I wrote 'Bar-Mitzvah' last night after being inspired by my favorite English Professor Joeseph Dimuro.  He posted on Facebook that he'd been at a Bar-Mitzvah for over 8 hours, which triggered a link to "Groundhog Day" and thus a joke/story was born.

Tomorrow is my last night of Stand-Up Class with Greg Dean.  I know the hard-sell for the Advanced class is coming, but I'm not ready for the class, and we can't really afford it right now.  Besides I got out of this class what I wanted: joke writing.

Later today we are going Bowling with the girl-scouts.  I'm somewhat excited, I love bowling, not going to love the crowd.  Ah well.

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