Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Daily WiLL - Tuesday May 27, 2014

Had a good time camping up at Camp Josepho for Kinnus 2014.  Kaylee got to do archery and shoot the BB guns this year, and she loved both.  We actually let her do the archery all by herself so I didn't get a chance to see how well she did, but I went with her on the BB range and shot quite a few myself.  Honestly she's a natural with the rifle.  Scary.  She listened and paid close attention to the instructors as well, and that's a huge plus.

Our new tent is freaking amazing.  It's a Coleman 9 Man - though you know you always basically halve that number to get the actual number of people the tent can sleep comfortably.  It has two rooms and a nifty door (though the rod that forms the door broke :( )  You can also completely stand up throughout the tent as it's not a dome.  Set-up was a breeze as well, easiest tent we've ever had to set up.
Test Set Up

We're going to go see X-Men this morning.  Not taking the daughter, probably a bit too scary for her.  Plus Mommy and Daddy need some non-Kaylee time.  We love her, but she's 7.5,  she finds new ways of annoying us each and every day.

Will post more pics of camping, though we didn't take that many, later.

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