Tuesday, June 3, 2014

America's Cup 35 Protocol Established

I am unabashedly a fan of America's Cup racing.  In general I love sailing and the ocean and I enjoy every single moment I get on the water.  IN hindsight I probably should have joined the Navy.  In any case, being able to be in San Francisco for some of the festivities of the last America's Cup in July of last year was an amazing experience, though it wasn't my first with the AC.

Set the wayback machine to 1992 and the location device to San Diego.  Twenty-one year old William Noetling was working at the Dana Inn and Marina and we were lucky enough to play host to the French media covering Le Defi France the Marc Pajot led team from the Union Nationale pour la Course au Large Yacht Club.  Prior to this I had paid attention to the Cup, it was pretty hard to ignore in San Diego as Dennis Conner was representing our city's yacht club and had been the Cup Defender for the previous defense, the 1988 "Catamaran" Challenge.  I really caught the bug being so close to the action.  I watched it every day on ESPN, followed the articles in the Los Angeles Times which had a special "San Diego" local and sports sections during that time period, and even put together a daily newsletter for the hotel guests as to the various goings on during the Cup Qualifying and Louis Vuitton Cup races.

Let's flash forward to the 2010 Cup, the 33rd Regatta in Valencia Spain.  The Challenger, Team Oracle owned by Larry Ellison defeated the Swiss Defenders Alinghi in a deed of gift match (which means it was basically two races and done).  Once Oracle took hold of the Cup that meant the next challenge would be held in San Francisco, and once we got the dates we decided on taking a family vacation to the Bay Area during the finals.  We didn't get a chance to actually see the races, but as you may know I followed them quite closely.  It was still great to peruse the venue, check out the gift stores and what not.

So all of that leads to this:  The protocol for the 35th America's Cup has been released.  It's actually pretty standard stuff, the legal mumbo-jumbo is all online as well if you want to be bored.  The exciting thing is that the boats used for AC35 will be called AC62 Class, basically 62 feet long, and slightly shorter fixed wings.  It's going to be awesome.

Now we just need to know where it's going to be held.

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