Friday, July 11, 2014

The dAily WiLL - FrIday July 11, 2014

Every now and then I feel like my life is simply a film adaptation of a Raymond Carver short-story adapted by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spoke Jonze.  With a soundtrack by X.

I caught a slight case of food poisoning on Wednesday night.  Mel had her first read through for Into the Woods which went well.  She had been going to meditations on Wednesday nights and getting home later, which is no biggie, she has a habit of grabbing some food on the way home, and she did the same this week even though she was not at meditation.  Circuitous way to go about telling this I know.  IN any case, I ate some bad Jack in the Box.  Must have been.  'Cause at 4:30 AM I awoke with a nasty headache that turned into simultaneous regurgitation and diarrhea.  Let that sink in a sec.  I'll wait.

Yeah, it knocked me out for most of yesterday.  Which sucked because I had wanted to accomplish something yesterday.  Not sure what that might have been, it may have just been to work on Another Scene #7 which is not coming along as I'd hope.  Perhaps I should be working on Revenge of the Void Queen (title pending) instead.  Either way I got nothing done.

Kaylee had her last day of Hollywood Yoga Camp yesterday and they did a little show last night in order to show off what they'd done this week.  She's been working with her Yogi Laura Fuller for over five years now, and she's really come a long way with Yoga.  Next week she'll be back at Robertson Day Camp.  Which reminds me, we have to go over there and pay for next week, so there's something to do.  It's also 7-11 day so free slurpees at your local 7-11.  Get there before the machines break, because they do.  Often.

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