Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Daily WiLL - Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby - SCOTUS
Israel - HAMAS
Iraq - ISIS

Crises on the Real Planet Earth.  

I often wonder about infinite Earths and Parallel Dimensions.  I completely believe that in some quantum form even if it's only within one's own brain, whenever a decision is made, there is some version of a reality that is created regardless of the decision.

Even within one's own brain.  You think about the consequences of your actions and for a moment, within your own mind, a version of a reality is formed.  It most likely is not a full formed reality, it's a tiny fragment, or a sliver of your dimension.  No larger than a grain of sand in the proverbial desert.  But it's there.

Other realities formed in your mind may end up more fleshed out.  For example, I often posit what life would be like if my Father hadn't died.  That reality exists within my own brain, and because of the time and effort, even subconsciously through my dreamscape, that landscape is fairly large.  Though it too isn't complete.

Take all of these fragments of realities stored within each of our collective subconsciousnesses and we have parallel dimensions.  The worlds within our own minds are the real "what if" universes.

Those S words above, in all capitals, they are our current boogey-men.  These are the pernicious events of the last week that have the good denizens of this planet concerned.  I don't know what the connection between these three news events and parallel dimensions might be.  I'm just free-flying here.

Familial Business, Odds and Ends

It was my Mother-In-Law Patricia Pritchett's 70th Birthday this weekend, and it was also her official retirement party.  I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Pat, she's dealt with adversity with tenacity and an unwavering support of family.  She's a great woman, and I really couldn't ask for a better MIL.  We obviously disagree on a great number of political and philosophical issues, which makes for interesting conversations, as we both have too much respect for each other and for family to really get too heated.  IN any case, when I discovered that Pat's children were all going to be in Utah for her Birthday, with the exception of Melissa, I knew that we had to send her as a surprise.

So we did.  Got her round-trip tickets to SLC on Delta Friday morning for a Friday afternoon flight.  We had to go tell Kaylee that Mommy was going to visit Grandma Pat, so we went over to the day-camp to let her know.  When presented with the fact that no, she couldn't go with, and that Mommy would be gone for a day or so, Kaylee bawled like Mommy was never coming back.

Remember, Kaylee hasn't really gone without Mommy or Daddy for more than a day or so thus far.  She spent a few days with her Grandparents and cousins at LegoLand and we did not go with, but that doesn't really count.  This was the first time Mommy was going away and Daddy would stay with Kaylee in a long time.

Of course the bribes for good behavior started soon after we dropped Mommy off at the Airport.  I did say WE.  Kaylee had to come with us to the Airport to see Mommy off and we had to sign her out of day-camp for the day.  At Noon.  She'd been there a whole three hours.  Ah well.

I believe that my spoiled child received a plush animal each and every day of last week.  She LOOOOVES plush animals.  So, if you are ever wondering what to get my daughter for any occasion, something stuffed is always good.  Not that she needs more I might add.  But she does love each and every one of them.

She even has a stuffed Jonathan Quick.  They actually have more guys too, I think she'll be getting a couple more hockey players.  And a Bailey.  Gotta get a Bailey.

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