Saturday, August 23, 2014

One is the Loneliest Parental Unit

We were really only back from Utah for what, a week?  Let met go check a calendar really quickly.

Yup, we got back from our last trip on August 4.  Melissa drove back to Cedar City on August 12.  She hasn't been home since.  Me, my Mom and Kaylee left on Wednesday morning at 4:30 AM and pulled into Cedar City pretty much exactly seven and a half hours later, but remember, Utah is an hour ahead, so right at 1 PM local time.  That was day two of the shoot on Where We Begin and we met up with my lovely bride at the costume shop, aka the house on 500 West.  We actually arrived just in time for a fitting.  As usual Mel had the situation well in hand and while she appeared stressed, she seemed like she was in her element.

We had to wait a few minutes until our room was ready, so we hung out, catching up a bit and letting Kaylee see her Mommy whom she missed so much.

After checking into the hotel all Kaylee wanted to do was go swim, which Grandma obliged while Daddy took a short nap.  Later we had dinner and fell asleep.  It was a long day.  But nothing like what was to come, but I'm too tired to post what happened on our big shooting day.  Maybe tomorrow.

I will leave you with some cool pictures though.

Oh wait, I haven't explained the title of this column yet.  Bet you thought I forgot.  Well I did.  Until just now.

So yeah, I haven't had a very good experience at being a Single Parent.  Well, not as bad as you would think, the house is still here, the child is fed and has been going to school, etc.  No, I've had a rash of things breaking and needing to be fixed.  For example, just before we left I broke my Office Chair, and the Cable went out in the living room.  See now I'm sure my lovely bride could fix my chair, but she's not here.  The cable is supposed to be fixed this evening.  I complained through social media and boy did they respond quickly.

The kicker to all that...and there's much much more to the story, but we now need to purchase at least two new rims for our new car. For that though, you'll have to be patient.  I have to finish getting ready for Doctor Who!

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  1. Oh, my. That's not an exciting leave taking. But you didn't get swept away. And you three made it home.