Monday, August 18, 2014

Posting for Posterity 1: Pretty Sure this was a Bot

Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'James'
James: Thank you for contacting AT&T, my name is James. Please allow me a moment to review the information you have provided.
James: Hello, William!
James: How may I help you today?
James: I am really sorry. I was not able to pull up the account using the information you provided.  Can you provide me the 9-digit Billing Account Number or the telephone number which is registered on the U-verse Account?
William Noetling: I have made six phone calls to AT&T Technical Support this afternoon, 5 cut me off or had phone tree problems. I finally get through to "Arthur" at the call center and he is completely worthless in solving my issues. I get through to a manager named "Luke" and he is combative with me, his accent is difficult to understand. It took him five minutes to figure out that I needed a technician to come out.
William Noetling: Account number XXXXXXXXX
James: I can help you with that.
James: Thank you for the information.
James: I have retrieved your account information.
William Noetling: We spent the next several minutes arguing because I am extremely unhappy with AT&T service, he REFUSED to give me the name and contact number of his supervisor and insisted that he was the highest manager I coudl speak to.
William Noetling: He continue to argue with me that there was no one else I could talk to regarding the service. After 40 minutes of being on the call he FINALLY said that Harris would be calling me back within 30 minutes
William Noetling: I have a tech scheduled to come between 4 and 8 pm tonight
James: I really apologize for the inconvenience, William.
James: May I know what is the exact issue you are experiencing?
William Noetling: I cannot tell you how many cable boxes that we've had replaced in this apartment
William Noetling: We received a new wi-fi box within the last two months, this is the box that is no longer working as of this morning.
William Noetling: I am fed up with AT&T
William Noetling: Your call center in the phillipines is horrible. You make Comcast look like SAINTS compared
James: William, I can imagine your frustration.
William Noetling: No I don't think you really can
William Noetling: I spend approxitmately $400 per month on U-verse, Home Phone and Cell service fo rmy wife and I, and for that much money each month I EXPECT the service to be flawless
James: Please allow me few moments to run few line test on your network to isolate the issue and get it fix.
William Noetling: Check my account, see how many times techs have been scheduled to come out
William Noetling: We have the U200 package because it is the most economical for us, and there are maybe, maybe two dozen channels we actually watch on a regular basis. There are about a half-dozen channels on the U300 I would like ot add, but I do not want 94 other channels I won't watch. Your prices stink, your tech support stinks, and your call-center in teh Phillipines is doing you more harm than good.
William Noetling: I have the MAX Speed package on for my internet, I rarely, RARELY get more than 12 MPS when the max is supposed ot be 15, and not only that, I cannot use the wi-fi signal most of the time because it is intermittent even wtih a booster. I have WIRED my two computers to Cat5 cable because it's so bad.
James: What best I can do is that I will mention it in my notes and I will forward it to the concern team.
William Noetling: The "Concern Team" needs to contact me directly
William Noetling: Your services are way too high priced for this amount of problems
James: I am checking on the line test what is the exact issue you are experiencing.
William Noetling: For the amount of money we have spent with AT&T over the last several years we should be getting IMMACULATE service and attention. I shoudl not have to call into a phone tree that doesn't work very often to get to technical support
William Noetling: I should not have listen to the same tired scripts with a heavy Phillipino accent when I need technical support
William Noetling: I can BARELY understand your phone agents
James: I do understand your concern, William.
William Noetling: I cannot be the only customer who has these issues. If AT&T truly understood they would have fixed the issues years ago, rather every time I call AT&T I lose hours worth of time
William Noetling: Arthur figured out that I needed a technican within 5 minutes of taking the call, why then do I need to hear the same tired scripts. Do they even bother reviewing the ntotes?
William Noetling: I'm sure it says "difficult customer".
James: As i have figured out there's a technician appointment on your account I will arrange a call back after the technician visit where I will tell my manager to call you.
William Noetling: I've worked phone centers. I've supervised customer service and I've provided EXCEPTIONAL customer service to my clients. On a grade scale AT&T deserves an F-
William Noetling: Thank you
James: I know the issue what you are experiencing is really very frustrating ever time you need to contact AT&T and you have to spend so much time over the phone.
James: This time I am going to mention it in my notes so that after the technician visit you will get a call from my manager directly.
William Noetling: The technicians aren't even the problem when they come out they always leave with the equipment working. My problem is with your customer service.
William Noetling: If AT&T were smart they would close the outsourced call centers, and give some jobs to LOCAL individuals without heavy accents
James: I am really very sorry for the inconvenience, William.
William Noetling: When someone calls for tech support they don't want a confusing phone tree, give them a direct number where a human being picks up the phone and asks what the problem is.
James: Sure.
William Noetling: They certainly don't want to hear the same tired scripts over and over again
James: I will provide you with the link which will help you to trouble shoot on the issue you are experiencing.
William Noetling: I've used the online links, they don't work very well I hate to say.
James: You can use this tool to troubleshoot the issues related to Uverse services ( TV, Internet and Voice) . Its a personalized support which will give the information of your account on real time service analysis, tailored solutions and troubleshooting.
William Noetling: It does work with Internet I'll say that.
James: Then, you can contact us through the chat support where you can chat with the agent and they will help you to get it fix.
William Noetling: but again, I shouldn't have to use a link, I should be able to call up a human being who will help me and not take up 45 minutes of my time to schedule a tech
James: In the unlikely event our chat gets disconnected, please visit to connect back to us. You may right click the link and select open a new tab/window and bookmark it now. It will not disconnect this chat.
James: You may reach one of our Specialists at 800-288-2020 and you have to select option "2" for technical support over the phone.
William Noetling: Thanks, I'll wait for your manager's call after the tech has been here
James: Sure.
James: I am trying my best to get it fix.
James: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
William Noetling: No
James: May I know the best number to reach you at?
James: I have not received any response from you. Please let me know if you are receiving my chats so that we can continue.
William Noetling: XXXXXXXXXXX
James: Thank you.
James: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
William Noetling: No
William Noetling: Thanks
James: You are welcome.
James: I really wish I could get all the customers as nice as you during my entire shift.
James: Thank you for choosing AT&T; we appreciate your business.
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