Monday, August 18, 2014

Posting this for posterity :Pt 2

Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Jazz'
Jazz: Thank you for contacting AT&T, my name is Jazz. Please allow me a moment to review the information you have provided.
William Noetling: My account number is XXXXXXXXX. Earlier today I had to schedule a tech to come out between 4 pm and 8 pm tonight to fix my cable box. It is now 8:01 pm, I have had no phone calls and no technician. This is completely unacceptable. I already have escalated this issue.
Jazz: I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
Jazz: I will surely go ahead and check that for you.
William Noetling: I have spoken to Harris, Luke and Arthur at your customer service center NONE of them are helpful in the least. I chatted with James earlier and he assured me this would be taken care of
Jazz: Let me check that for you.
Jazz: For your security and to ensure we protect your privacy, please verify the 4-digit passcode on your account.  
William Noetling: I have escaltaed this to Attcustomercare on Twitter as well. I am sick and tired of paying almost $400 per month for services that are not
William Noetling: XXXX
William Noetling: I already typed that in once.
William Noetling: I shouoldn't have to do it again
Jazz: Thank you. I have authenticated your account.
William Noetling: My daughter is in 3rd grade, she needs to go to sleep by 8:30 pm. This is ridiculous
Jazz: Please allow me a few minutes to check that for you.
William Noetling: I have had techs come out no less than every other month for the past several years because of your service and equipment.
Jazz: I really understand what you are experiencing.
William Noetling: No I don't think you really do.
William Noetling: I don't think anyone at AT&T cares about their customers
William Noetling: Every two months I have a service interruption
William Noetling: Look at my account, look how many times I've had techs come out
William Noetling: Look at how much I'm paying for your services in general, it is completely unacceptable
Jazz: Can I set up the appointment window for tomorrow and I will make sure the technician will definitely come.
William Noetling: NO. You cannot
William Noetling: I am busy tomorrow
William Noetling: I am not waiting around when I was told the technican would be coming out TONIGHT
Jazz: I will send senor technician and if there is need the technician will replcae the Mode.
William Noetling: I don't care at this point who you send, there should have been someone here no less than 8 minues ago
William Noetling: I was supposed to be contacted via phone 30 minutes prior to them being here
William Noetling: I have had no calls I have stayed home all afternoon, I have errands ot run tomorrow
Jazz: I do not want to give any false commitment.
William Noetling: I AM NOT staying home waiting for another four hour window with zero guarantee that AT&T will even be here.
William Noetling: I want a tech here RIGHT NOW
William Noetling: DO you understand?
Jazz: Let me check what best I can do for you.
William Noetling: You do that
Jazz: Okay.
Jazz: I am checking with the Dispatch center team.
William Noetling: Did you forget about me?
Jazz: No.
Jazz: I am trying to chat with Dispatch team.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.