Friday, August 15, 2014

The dAily WiLL - Friday, August 15, 2014

So I've been a "single dad" all week as my lovely bride is off in Cedar City working on Where We Begin.  We'll be joining her for a few days next week so that Kaylee can appear in the film.  Mom is going to drive up with us, our first 'family' Road Trip since before my Dad died.

If I had to be working right now this period of time would be a lot harder.  I have so much respect for working single parents because raising a child with TWO parents is hard enough.  I can't imagine doing it on my own and working at the same time.

This morning I'm in a bit of a 90's mood.  As I usually tell people, I really had a good time in the 90's.  I have so many positive memories and so many good stories to tell.  In 1990 I turned 19, I was living on my own, renting a room first in a house in La Mesa, then an apartment farther out in La Mesa.  May 1990 I quit my job at the Vagabond Inn because I had reached the highest point I was going to reach in that organization.  At 19 I wouldn't get promoted to be a manager, and I just got bored with a 50 room hotel.  I managed to get a job at the Dana Inn in Mission Bay, and I stayed there for two solid years.  I had my 21st Birthday Party at the Red Hen Restaurant on premises.  I still have the card everyone signed - mostly with the warning "don't drink too much."

Music was great in the 90's.  Not that I don't care for music being produced now, I quite like a lot of the alternative stuff that I hear, but I'm no longer actively looking for new music to enjoy.  I can be a happy camper listening to the songs and albums I've always listened to.  Usually if I am looking for 'new' music it's more like I'm looking for stuff from bands I already know about.

This morning I've got Oasis going, a great CD, one that I still have mostly because there's always so many copies in the used CD places it's not worth selling.  Plus mine is so scratched up that it'd be worthless anyway.  I won't get rid of it though, and I won't play it anymore because it's beat to hell.  I know the entire album by heart I've listened so many times.  "Wonderwall" and "Champagne Supernova" are freaking anthems for my generation.

Change of topic.  There's a lot being written about Robin Williams these days.  Pondering why it's easy to see, he affected a lot of people with his humor and grace.  A lot of people had personal experiences with him (as I did).  He certainly wasn't a perfect human being, but whatever flaws he had seemed to be forgiven by the general public due to his innate humor and humanity.  By all accounts he was an addict, and a philanderer.  He was married three times, his first marriage dissolved because of infidelity.  We all have faults.  No one is perfect.

Many folks are focusing on his issues with depression.  Comedians are certainly a lively bunch of folks, and by and large they are all damaged in some way.  During my stand-up comedy class with Greg Dean I learned that without some sort of flaw you won't be a very successful comic.  Exploiting those issues and problems is part and parcel of being a stand-up.  That and being able to go on the road I think are the two main facets.  Anyone can tell a joke, if you know the tools anyone can write a joke.  To be successful you have to mine the pain, and that's what most comics do, and the best ones do it extremely well.

I think back to Robin's "Live at the Met" performance, which criminally is not available on DVD, and his bit about drugs, and I know that he speaks from experience when he's talking about cat litter being crunchy to stoners.  Waking up with his keys sticking out of his ass because he was too drunk to drive, these are anecdotes that have to be based in reality.

Too many comedians have committed suicide.  Still further too many have died young.  I'm old enough to remember Freddie Prinze, and I watched "Chico and the Man" back in the day.  When Richard Jeni took his own life in 2007 I was devastated.  I loved that man's comedy and when he decided to go it hurt, a lot.  I can understand it more now than I did then, but it still hurts.  It hurts whenever anyone takes their own life.

I think we've all had suicidal thoughts before.  Driving in the car along Pacific Coast Highway sometimes you think to yourself "maybe I should just drive right off the cliff."  Or standing on the roof of a tall building you realize that in a moment everything could be over.  No more cares or worries.  I get that.

But see, I have something to live for.  She's almost 8 years old.  And she has a mother, who I adore.  I could never do something so harmful to either one of them.  Mitigating circumstances aside (and today we learned that Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinsons' Disease, which doesn't make Michael J. Fox's job any easier now), there is no way I'd leave either one of them.  Not only am I Kaylee's father, but I'm her biggest fan.  Same with Mel, I'm so proud of her for finally getting a chance to do the things that she wants to do in life.  I miss her more than I'd realized as well.  If you're not checking out the film's Facebook Page, I implore you to do so.  She's even in the latest production video.

Have a good weekend folks, get some sun, get outside and enjoy life!

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