Friday, August 8, 2014

The Daily WiLL - VACATION EDITION - Day 5 & 6

Where were we?

Dateline July 31, 2014.  Location: Orem Utah.  

After a good night's sleep on my mother-in-law's bed I dropped Melissa off at the SCERA costume shop so she could continue pulling costumes for Into the Woods.  Kaylee and I decided to "explore" Orem, which really isn't all that big, we're talking just over 90,000 in population, but they have all the normal amenities of a decent sized city; all the big-box stores, a many schools, a couple of theaters, etc.  It is, after all, the 5th largest city in Utah.   The one really interesting thing they do have is a miniature Stonehenge outside of a rest-home.  Well, that and some great views of Mount Timpanogos.  

Being me, however, instead of sight-seeing (I've visited Orem over a dozen times since 2001) we ventured to the local Toys R Us, after all, my two local stores seem to stink at carrying the products I would actually purchase.  Lo and behold I managed to find an entire set of the Wave 3 G.I. Joe Kreons, and best of all they were all half price, only 2 bucks apiece.  Kaylee got one of the new My Little Pony Pop figures, which are pretty cool actually, they're more like model kits that become toys, which of course is one of my favorite things.  

Here's where the synergy of the day took over; I knew that I had seen a Joann store somewhere near the TRU, and I knew that I wanted to get a small carrying case with multiple compartments for my new Joe figures, I already have several and I buy them at our local Joann.  So what do I do, I walk over to the Dicks Sporting Goods, and there the Joann store was, right next to a brand new Dollar Tree.  Kaylee loves Dollar Tree, as does her Mom.  I'm not a HUGE fan, but I do like it for certain things like ear-plugs and glow-sticks.  Both of which I bought for the upcoming reunion. 

We walk into the Joann store, and the one item I want is right there, right in front of me.  It was meant to be.  I also managed to find one of their ubiquitous coupons on my phone too, so I didn't even pay retail.  Huzzahs all around.   Kaylee wanted to give money to a disadvantaged kid for a backpack, some sort of program they have, so I let her.  Here she is proud of her donation.

The rest of the daylight hours were spent relaxing, reading and resting.  I picked up Mel and she came back to finish up her work on the costumes.  By the time we got back her brother Brent and his family had arrived so family fun was had with the nieces, especially the new one Saylor, who is now 10 months and standing.  Eventually we all made it up to Wallsburg where the reunion was just underway.  We visited for awhile, and said our goodnights.  We slept in the big house in one bedroom, Chris and Mark had the other.  Brent, Kyleen, Pat and the girls stayed in the Ashton's RV, while Kim and Tom had their fifth-wheel.  The others attending the reunion all had tents, though I think a couple did also bring RVs.  At the LAST family reunion in Wallsburg about 10 years ago we tried to camp, but I had contracted a bad case of temporary food poisoning and camping became a real pain.  So I wasn't going to camp out there again, especially without our good camping gear.  

Friday Morning we slept in, way too long actually.  Missed breakfast.  Kaylee played all day with her myriad of cousins, riding the zip-line, doing the activities and having a blast.  When they finally put up the humongous slip-and-slide I got into the act, however on my first and only run I bruised my rib, and it still hurts today.  That put the kibosh on my fun-time activities.  Mel caught up with her cousins, got all the family gossip and had a great time.  Everyone kept coming up to me and asking if there were too many people for me to deal with.  Of course it was, and I kept running and hiding after it got overwhelming.  

At the dinner on Friday night there were 270 people.  It was a great dinner too, taco salad.  Yum.

Saturday morning quickly arrived and we packed and got ready to go in a jiffy, because we wanted to make it to Las Vegas before too long.  Plus the longer we stayed the more likely we would have hit more traffic and rain.  Mel drove the entire way to Vegas because of my rib.  And on that note, I'll save the rest for one more post.

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