Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Daily WiLL - VACATION EDITION - Day 4 Orem Owlz Game

Two days in Cedar City is pretty much all you need.  We saw two plays, ate a couple of good meals, saw some friends and relaxed a bit.  The drive from CC to Orem is about three hours, we left on Wednesday Morning before 8 am, and got there before Noon.  Pat's house was awfully full this time around, she had Cousins Pat and Terry sleeping in the guest rooms, Cousins Dave and Shauna in the basement apartment, and us taking over her master-bedroom for the night.  I'll say this about my MIL, she loves company.

Fortunately the company all had stuff to do, so shortly after arriving, we found ourselves all alone.  For a short time though, Mel had to run over to SCERA to check out their Into the Woods costumes and Kaylee and I chilled out and relaxed.  Later we met up with Christine and her family at the Orem Owlz Pioneer League game over at Utah Valley University.  I hadn't been to a Minor League game since probably the early 80's when we went to a Las Vegas Stars game.

 Thanks to one of Chris' friends we were able to get great seats a few rows back behind home plate.  Of course that really didn't matter because the game was sparsely attended.  The official box score states there were 1720 in the park, I kind of doubt that.  There seemed to be less than 300 to me.

The Owlz are one of two Rookie League Affiliates of the Los Angeles Angels, and have been since their inception in 2001 as the Provo Angels.  In 2004 the team was sold and moved to Orem and renamed the Owlz.  All of the Owlz alumni in the Majors are listed on this nifty plaque on their rotunda, the biggest name to me would be the late Nick Adenhart.  

I don't need to tell you how much fun Minor League Baseball is to watch.  These are KIDS playing, and while many of them are being groomed to play in the bigs, not that many of them will ever make it.  Not at this level anyway.  Trevor Gretzky, the son of the Great One played in 11 games for the Owlz earlier this year before being promoted to their A League team the Burlington Bees.  As to which players I saw playing have a shot at the bigs, I'd say 3B Zachary Houchins (.388 BA, 39 RBI, 6 HR in 36 games), OF/DH Bo Way (.354/27/2) and IF Andrew Daniel (349/24/2) have the best shot.  Houchins went 3 for 3 (2 singles and a double) with 4 RBI, 3 runs scored, Way was 1 for 5 with a Sac Fly, and 2 runs scored, and Daniel went 3 for 6 with 3 runs scored batting first.

I would have bought a pack of the Owlz baseball cards, but they were FIFTEEN BUCKS for a huge pack.  Kind of regretting it now, but oh well.  If I really want it I can get a relative to buy it and ship it.


The Owlz beat the Ogden Raptors, the LA Dodgers affiliate 10 - 4.  It was really over in the 6th when the Owlz broke open the 3 - 2 game scoring 4 runs.  The Raptors would add two more on late inning single shot wind-aided Home Runs, but couldn't catch up.

We stayed until the final out, we were perhaps one of the last families to leave the stadium, which while is small and has a dual use as the home of the UVU Wolverines, is charming.  There's really not a bad seat in the house, and several are really cheap because they're just lawns.  As a testament to the obesity epidemic several of the regular seats are wider than normal to accommodate fat-asses like mine.  Lots of Owlz merch is available, and quite a bit of Angels merch is there too.  The Owlz have one of the most awesome Logos in all of baseball, and if I still wore hats, I'd have bought one.  I did get a Lenticular 3D Souvenir cup, and Kaylee got herself an ice-cream in a helmet bowl.

The in-between-innings entertainment was fun, provided by the mascots and promotions team.  Several fan contests were held because it was "Damsel in Distress" day.  In fact they rented a costume from SCERA earlier in the day, I know because Mel was in the shop when they came in.  Synergy abounded this trip.

Next Time - Day 5 and beyond - The Family Reunion.

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