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I suppose I need to get this finished because it's been almost two weeks since we got back.  AND we're going traveling again.  So yeah.

Where were we.  Family reunion finished?  OK let's drive to Las Vegas!  Melissa did most of the driving as my rib was (and still is more than 10 days later) bothering me.  We listened to two more Doctor Who Audios from last year, this time they were the 7th Doctor as opposed to the last three which were all 5th Doctor.   The only incarnation of the Doctor that I really just don't like is Colin Baker's 6th Doctor, and that seems to be the general consensus, but right next to him is the 7th Doctor for me, but only because I haven't really seen very many of his stories.  However, I digress into a long Doctor Who post and that's not what this should be.

The drive from Orem to Las Vegas is about six hours or so.  We got there just about 3:30 PM and after Valeting the car, getting the bellman to bring up the bags and the interminably long line at check-in, we got to our room just before 5 pm.  Ah Vegas.  Land of the smokers.  Though interestingly they've passed laws where you can ONLY smoke in the casinos now, and of course lounges.  So that's BETTER, but not perfect.

Saturday night, and with the kid in tow, we ambled down to the Midway of Circus Circus and proceeded to play games with the Kaylee.  She won so many stuffed animals and toys, well I should say her PARENTS won most of them for her.  The games there are the typical carnival/circus types, however, they aren't so tough that you can't win them, and the barkers don't seem to care about taking your money and giving you nothing in return.  In fact, most of the games have a sign saying if you're under 12 it's an automatic win for the smallest prize.  The EASIEST game to beat is the Chicken in a Bucket.  For $2 you get six shots to launch a stuffed chicken into one of the many buckets on a rotating platform.  Kaylee and I got five in out of 6, which got us the purple chameleon on the right side of the picture.  That game is all about timing.  Once you figured out the timing it was a piece of cake.

They also have the ticket games in their arcade, and well, Mom and Dad really like those.  SO we ended up with a enough tickets for the two barbie-like dolls there (they're really cheap Chinese knockoffs that are so weird that they have dresses recycled from tupperware wrappers).  Once the fun and games were done we ordered a Pizza from the in-house pizza place which was surprisingly excellent and recommended (the White Cheese pizza).  I gambled about $15 all together and had fun for about 10 minutes, but honestly the games and prizes were enough for me to have fun.  I'm not a big gambler anyway, I prefer to get some return on my gambling, which is why I really like opening up packs of trading cards, they're like a gamble, but you get something in the end.  I mean I'd rather play skee-ball than digital poker anyway.  I WOULD have played the digital roulette wheel in the casino, but it was full every time I walked by.  In any case, I wanted to save my expense allotment for the STAR TREK CONVENTION!

Yes, that's right, Creation Entertainment was holding their BIG Trek con in Vegas that weekend and I convinced the wife we needed to go, and she accepted!!!!!  It was over at the Rio which is a short drive from Circus Circus.  So Sunday morning we got up and drove over there.  It was pretty easy to find once we got in the parking lot we just followed the people in Starfleet Uniforms.  And there were a TON of them.  They have a great ticket option for people who don't care about the panels (like we could get the child to sit in a panel anyway) so entrance was only $20 each for Mel and I.  The kid was free.

Now I've been to a LOT of conventions from large to small.  Creation puts on a good show if you want to see the actors talk about their roles and such.  If you want merchandise it's not quite as good, as there were maybe a couple hundred booths and many of them were cosplay oriented.  Which is not so good for me because let's face it, no one wants to see my fat-ass in a Starfleet Uniform, but it's good for Mel since she is...wait for it...a professional costumer.  In fact on the way in we were talking to two nice gentlemen from the LA area who were interested in her professional services.  She also got to talking to the folks who do corsets and leather stuff about her Wolf costume for Into the Woods.  So you know, we can actually write off our tickets as a business expense!

The Guardian of Forever and my Wife
I did only purchase ONE item relating to Trek itself, the 80 card Print Portfolio Set.   I also managed to find the "Brix" series of Doctor Who Character Building figures, and a table selling card sets for cheap - where I got both the Firefly and Serenity card sets.  The one item I was really looking for were the Kreo Series 2 figures from Trek, but sadly there weren't any available at all.  Plenty of the 6 piece series 1 set that are all over and peg-warming.  Saw lots of items I already owned.  Saw lots of items I'd already sold.  Saw lots of crap I'd never buy in a million years.  Saw lots of shiny things I coveted but couldn't afford.  Mel bought a few things, jewelry mostly.  Kaylee got a tribble given to her because she's so cute, but she got plenty of stuff the day before.

Two to beam down to the planet.
These are the prints that I bought as a trading card set.
No the cards aren't this big.
Oh and saw and talked to a lot of former Trek guest stars.  Which was really cool.  People we talked to included Barbara Luna (Marlena Marleau from "Mirror Mirror"), Richard Kiel (Jaws from Bond), Carel Strucken (Mr. Hom, Lurch from Addams Family movies), Catherine Hicks (Trek IV), Daniel Davis (Moriarty from TNG), Don Stark (That 70's Show), Duncan Regehr (V) and Suzie Plakson (Worf's first wife).  My guest highlight was talking to Will and Holly from Land of the Lost.  Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman could not have been nicer folks.  When I told Kathy that I had a huge crush on her as a kid she asked if I would come around the booth every 30 minutes and announce that loudly. When asked if the Kroffts were on drugs back in the day Wesley said that Sid was, Marty wasn't.  One was the genius and the other was the businessman.  Or it could have been the other way around.  Either way it was pretty awesome to meet them.  They had a guy in a Sleestak costume too and confirmed the story that most of the Sleestaks were UCLA Basketball players.

Finally, the legendary James Darren walked right by us before we went in and we said hello.  Should have paid for his autograph for my Mom, but oh well.  
This guy had a great look and was really nice.

After the con got too crowded and we'd been there two hours already we decided that we'd had enough, and drove over to the Orleans where we saw Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.  Tell you what, movies are cheaper in other cities, because 3 admissions was only $30.  For a 3D movie in it's opening weekend!  Needless to say we loved it, and I want to see it again and again.

 When we got back to Circus Circus we decided it was time to check out the pool.  Normally this would have been a good thing as it was hot as heck, but sadly one of the two pools was out of service, so everyone was crowding the other pool.  Seriously there were about 50 people in that thing.  The hot-tub was nice and big and we rested and relaxed there for a few, but the one pool being out of order really was a bummer.

Mels' friend Diane Bates, who lives in Vegas, came over for dinner and talking and we stayed up pretty late catching up with her.  After that it was pack up and get ready to leave.  Monday morning was a blur to be honest.  We just got out of Dodge as quickly as possible and we were home by the early afternoon.  Safe and sound.  It was a long 8 days, but who could have imagined that Mel would be spending even more time in Utah just a few weeks later.  THAT however, is a story for another blog.

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