Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm pretty tired at the moment, having driven the five hours from Las Vegas to Los Angeles this morning.  Oh wait, I didn't drive it at all, Mel did.  Why didn't I drive, well, read ahead fellow travelers.

Our journeys began on Sunday morning and we sped away around 9 AM bound for Cedar City, Utah.  We arrived at our destination a little after 6 PM local time, total travel time something like 8 hours, 450 miles.  We stopped about every two hours because Ms. Kaylee has a tiny bladder.  Baker was one of the stops, possibly the first one, I forget.  In any case, it was 104 F in Baker.  Too hot, that's for sure, and the dang AM/PM was crowded.  I hate Baker.

We stopped in Vegas ever so briefly just to get gas, then it was on through Arizona to Utah and finally Cedar City.  Our hotel was the Best Western El-Rey, we had a mini-suite in that we had a queen bed, full kitchen and Kaylee got her own private room with a double bed, though she did have the bathroom.

Kaylee and "The Bard"
Arriving in a seriously small town on a Sunday night, we were vexed as to where to get dinner.  Mel having lived in Cedar City for several years, over a decade and a half ago, had remembered several of her favorite restaurants, but sadly most were already long gone.  We settled for the All-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet which was surprisingly really good.  I really couldn't tell you when the last time I had an All-you-can-eat Buffet, let alone a Chinese one.  Then it was back to the hotel and bed, which was comfortable but small.  Thankfully we both brought our Tempur-pedic pillows, however a restful night I was not to have.

In the morning I got up and grabbed the continental breakfast, which was the typical fare for motels: cereal and milk, danishes, mini-bagels, juice, coffee, a waffle bar, etc.  Nothing too fancy.  I then went right back to bed.  Kaylee and Mel walked over to SUU and ran into Mitsuyo who is Mels' old college chum.  Mitsuyo is also the amazing director of Tsuyako which is a really beautiful short film.  She was at SUU scouting locations and casting for her latest film Where We Begin.  Long story short, Melissa is now working on the costumes for the film.  We are, of course, very excited.

The reason for our visit of course was to check out the Utah Shakespeare Festival and their versions of Into the Woods and Twelfth Night.  We also visited Mels' friend Marks' store Gunjah The Bead Forest which is an amazing combo Bead/Comic Book/Games store.  Picked up the Firefly Card Game "Out to the Black" and it's two expansions.  Yeay nerd stuff.

Sondheim was up first on Monday night, and it delivered a very entertaining evening.  The reviews out there are pretty much accurate, so I won't bore you with mine.  It was very, very good, as was the Shakespeare comedy the next day.  The green-show on both days was a hoot, though sadly we were rained upon and had to go inside for the first one, and were rained upon and stayed outside for the second.  Rain followed us from Los Angeles it seems.  No matter, Summer storms are awesome.  It's also awesome to drive up the canyon right after a storm too.

Coming Soon - Day 4 and beyond.

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