Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

We close out another year and begin a new year fresh and clean.  I do like that our calendar resets itself every 365.25 days.  The phrase "There's Always Next Year" comes to mind.

This year has been one of many ups and downs.  As 2014 began I was not working, Melissa was just finishing up with "The Drowsy Chaperone" for the Jewish Women's Repertory company.  Kaylee was having a good year in second grade at Canfield Elementary with Ms. Knight as her teacher.  Shortly into the new year I found myself working with my buddy Haven again, helping him make cold-calls on a contractual basis, picking up where we had left off in November of 2013.

I really enjoyed working with Haven, as a successful entrepreneur he was able to teach me a lot about how to do business in the 21st century, that and his unceasing charisma was enough to keep me going for awhile.  Sadly his business model wasn't sustainable for the long term and we parted ways in early March, and at that time I started looking for a new career path.

Intentions were that I was going to finally finish my Science-Fiction book and get it ready for publishing.  Technically I did finish a first draft of the book, but I decided rather than to make it a trilogy of books, like George Lucas did with the first Star Wars film, I'd lump them all together into one.  So while the first "book" was finished, it was really only one third of the entire story.

Meanwhile we travelled a bit.  Our first trip was to San Diego for the weekend in late January.  My lovely bride had gone to the Dentist for a tooth that was really bothering her, so much so that the pain radiated up into her face.  When the Dentist took a look he discovered that the tooth in question did not, in fact, need a root canal since it had already had one, and that she most likely had <a href=>Trigeminal Neuralgia</a href> which is an insidious condition that can make life miserable for the patient.  We went to my former home town to see my friend Michelle who is a very smart lady, and also a holistic practitioner of massage and acupuncture.  Michelle helped Melissa out that weekend and gave her a good path of treatment.  We stayed at the Dana Inn where I worked for two years back in the early 90's, in a room that is in one of the "new" buildings, so it wasn't even there when I worked there.  Did discover that only one of my former colleagues is still there, unsurprisingly.  I actually keep in touch with several of my former colleagues on Facebook so it's not like I didn't know where they'd gone off to.

Still it was odd to be back in San Diego.  I miss the city of my youth, but it lives on in my memories if not in reality.  The reality is that the city has changed so much since I left in 1998 that it is unrecognizable to me now.  And that's OK.

We spent some time in the Bay Area with Kaylee's Godmother Robin and checked out the America's Cup venues.  Didn't get to see any actual racing, but just to be there was a lot of fun.  The event itself has to go down as one of the greatest comebacks in any sport, because for something like 9 races Team Oracle was facing elimination and came back to win.  I'm sad that the 2016 Cup won't be in the US, but hey, Bermuda's pretty nice too.

Summer vacation brought us back to Utah for yet another family reunion on Melissa's side.  Our little side of the family is simply a smaller unit of the huge whole that makes up Melissa's relatives, and boy did they all show up.  Still we had a good time, and that was when Mel got contacted to do <b>Where We Begin</b> and really that's all that matters.

After the shoot we slogged back home and life got back to normal, as normal as it could be.  I didn't start working again until the end of October, and that strained our lives quite a bit.  As our funds diminished our stresses increased and the arguments got worse.  Fortunately I was able to land my new job and we've been really happy with that circumstance.

Christmas Eve was my 2 month anniversary with  The future looks bright.  2015 will see the release of <b>Where We Begin</b> and we're all looking forward to that.  I'm looking forward to the Stanley Cup Playoffs to see if my beloved Kings can defend their cup, and while I'm optimistic, I know that a successful defense is probably not in the cards.

I'm looking forward to Kaylee turning 9 in October, and entering 4th grade.  I'm excited to help Melissa grow her business, and I'm really happy to have a stable work environment where I can thrive and prove my worth.

So Happy New Year.  Goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015!  Let's have a blast!

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