Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dreaming of Dead People

This week my lovely wife and daughter are off to Utah to return the costumes from the Jewish Women's Repertory Theater Company's production of "Into the Woods", so I'm in Bachelor mode all week.

I get home from work and our cable is turned off due to late payments.  Now we have been making regular payments, but not working for awhile and savings running out meant some things haven't gotten paid on time.  In any case, I got on the live chat with AT&T because I refuse to call their customer service call center in the Philippines, and the nice CS rep I was chatting with said my service would be restored within the hour.  No mention of payment required, no discussion with credit and collections, just that my service would be restored.

You can see where this is going can't you?

75 minutes later, no service.  Chat again, and they immediately connect me to Credit and Collections who claims that they have to have payment before turning me back on, and that the other rep made a mistake.  Well duh she made a mistake.  In any case, furious at being lied to once again, I fired off a twitter and Facebook post to AT&T and within the hour my issues were solved, my balance was wiped away and I have service (except that I don't because I have to reset all my stuff).

So the moral of that story is this - customer service call centers that outsource are awful, always go to the social media team.

After falling asleep at about 11 which is my usual bed time, I dreamt, as we all do.  From time to time I dream about my Father and his side of the family, which except for my Great-Aunt Annette, are all gone.  Last night's dream was incredibly vivid and strange.  I dreamt that I went back in time to a party at my Grandmother's house, and she was there as was my Uncle.  And strangely so was a younger version of myself.  I was tangible in my dream, I could touch things and interact with people, but as the dream progressed I slowly became my younger self and forgot that I was time-travelling.

Someone has unresolved issues don't you think?