Monday, December 7, 2015

Pictures from Vietnam - My Father's Photos September 11, 1968

Top Row: View from the Hills Near Chiag Kai Chek's Home.  A Tree in Taipei, August.  Reminded me of Tahoe
2nd Row - Fountain in a park.  Girl taking picture is one I stayed with.  She took all the others I had of her.  Lisa, a piano playing bargirl with more college credits than Crash!
3rd Row - Crash Posing, Crash in Hotel Room, The fountain
4th row -Refueling Point.  Beyond those hills is the A Shau Valley.  typhoon Bess took out this road in LZ Sally

1st Row View from my Office (tent) center building is latrine flooded rice paddy, and the company area.  Fenced are lower right is ammo dump.  - Lousy print of a Cayuse
2nd Row - The Backyard - Huey - Figure far right is my CO.  Boxes contain roar blades.  Ship is named "Tater"
3rd Row - Crash in front of office, Crash in usual attire
4th Row - Honest I didn't mean to wreck it.

By the fountain in Republic of China, August 17th, 1968.  Notice mustache is gone

Wading and fishing in beautiful Taipei, August 17, 1968

On the beach in Taipei, August 18, 1968

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