Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Musings

I turned 46 years old today.  My last couple of birthdays have, well, sucked even though my birthday is on a holiday, and I rarely have to work.  Last year because my wife and I were in the middle of breaking up (for good it turns out) I was pretty much depressed and didn't feel like celebrating.

I was hoping this year would be different.  But my Mom got sick yesterday and can't celebrate with us.  I basically planned to go to Dave and Busters with my daughter and have as much fun as possible, and so that's what we did.  But the thing is, my daughter is 10 and she has a way of making everything about herself.

Maybe it was my fault for letting her stay up late last night, but she didn't get home from being with her Mom and Grandma Pat until almost 8 PM and she had just gotten back a bunch of toys and stuff that had been in storage for almost a year, plus no school today.  It was a perfect storm.

I've been going to bed too late, mostly because I'm still trying to adjust to Kaylee's new school schedule.  So after sending her to bed way too close to Midnight, I was up for another couple of hours.  All I wanted to do this morning was sleep.  Unfortunately my 10 year old wanted me to wake up at the crack of dawn with her and start celebrating.  She just couldn't understand that on MY day all I wanted to do was relax.  So I finally allowed her to make me breakfast in bed (waffles, yummy) and coffee,
which I had to ask for several times.  Then after opening her presents to me (3x Hot Wheels), I decided to try to get a little more shut-eye since Dave and Busters wasn't going to be open until much later.  But between Kaylee and the cat, I wasn't allowed to get much rest.  I swear every ten minutes one or both of them decided that I didn't need to sleep.  Even after multiple scoldings Kaylee still kept bugging me.

So I finally get up about 12:30 PM and go to take a shower.  I tell Kaylee to get ready to go, but does she?  No.  She messes around and dawdles and still isn't ready by the time I was out of the shower and ready to go.  This is after bugging me all morning to get going.  It's like no matter what I tell her she just does the opposite.

We finally get out of the house and on the road.  Decided to check out a different D&B in Arcadia instead of Hollywood, so the drive is about 30 minutes.  No problem.  Parking is tight, the mall is crowded on the holiday Monday, but we find a place and make our way to the arcade.  After waiting for what seems like 10 minutes to reload my power card, we're off to the games.  But first I'm wanting an adult beverage, and I get Kaylee as slushee too.  For the next two hours we try to have fun.  I say try because despite telling my daughter several times that we're going to play what I wanted to play and that we were going to play ticket games, she pouts when we don't play what she wants.  I even let her choose a couple games, but she continues to pout.  After all our credits are pretty much gone she starts to exhibit more poutiness.  I know she's only 10, but I've been reminding her all day that today was my one day for myself, and that after this morning's behavior she needed to be on her best behavior.

We end up with just over 1200 tickets, just enough for about a $10 trinket.  She told me earlier that she was going to let ME choose whatever I wanted, but the first thing she does is decide that she wants a donut plush that would take up over half our tickets.  When I told her that's not happening she sulks.  I decide on a cool Superman Pint Glass that leave about 150 tickets left over, and I tell her she gets a candy.  Fine, she chooses pixie sticks, pure sugar.  Lovely.

Now I've never been to this particular mall before, so I'm wanting to check it out, especially since there's a Daiso and a couple other cool stores there.  But by now I've got a pouty, tired and whiney child on my hands.  This is not turning out to be a good birthday, and to try to get her to change her attitude, I tell her that her behavior has been inappropriate thus far and that I was tired of hearing her whine and pout today.  We'd already been in a couple stores where she pointed out thing that she wanted, and I had warned her that we weren't there to buy her things today and to stop asking.  Doesn't sink in at all, because that's all she keeps doing.  Until finally I've had enough.  I sit her down by herself and tell her that she's really making my day miserable and that I've had enough of her behavior and to knock off the pouting, whining and the selfish behavior.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  We hit up Daiso and I buy a few things for the house.  And yes, she did get some small items today, in fact she got quite a few small things today, including: a couple of Five Nights at Freddy's stickers, a cool color your self folder for school, a ring eraser and a doll outfit.  I bought myself a building block light kit.  That's it.
Here's what I got for my birthday - I bought everything except the three Hot Wheels.

I don't even get to choose what I really want for dinner because she's tired and just wants to hit a drive through.  We got Taco Bell.

I love my daughter, I really do, and I usually spoil her to no end.  I missed her when she was with her Mom this weekend, and I didn't really do anything for myself this weekend because I wanted to save my money to have a good day with my daughter (and I was hoping my Mom too), but that didn't happen.  So two years in a row, my birthday pretty much sucked.

I did get to have two glasses of Guiness and a great shot the bartender made me for my special day at D&B.  So there's that.  I guess at my age I don't get to enjoy birthdays anymore.  I guess next year I just won't even try.

I did get almost 50 people wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook, and that's always awesome.  I love my FB friends.  Especially since I'm so choosy about who I friend (you may notice 95% of my friends are people I know in real life).  I don't mean to be this whiney either.  I know I have a lot of people who love and care about me and my family.  But honestly I don't feel all that special today.

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